New Brunswick Job Fair 2021 New Brunswick Job Fair 2021

New Brunswick Visa for Work Opportunity via Hiring Event

Why Work in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick job: There are many reasons to relocating to New Brunswick. People are selecting New Brunswick for a more relaxing, healthy, and cheap lifestyle, in addition to job possibilities in a number of industries and a thriving entrepreneurial landscape. Newcomers are welcomed in metropolitan centers and smaller villages, which provide secure, pleasant places in which to start a new life. New Brunswick is a province where you may have a great profession and live a good life. New Brunswick is ready for you to skip the traffic and enjoy being minutes away from rivers, lakes, and seas.

The largest of Canada’s three Maritime provinces is New Brunswick. It is situated under the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec and next to the state of Maine. New Brunswick was one of the first provinces to join the Dominion of Canada in 1867, along with Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. New Brunswick has had small-scale immigration from all over the world, and it now has a diverse and increasingly cosmopolitan population.

New Brunswick job fair 2021 apply online

New Brunswick Job Fair 2021
New Brunswick Job Fair 2021

In the winter of 2021, the Canadian province of New Brunswick will host virtual recruitment activities once more. The application procedure does not have any specified deadlines.
In any case, it will take place in the winter of 2021, by invitation only. Candidate registration is currently open for free. The following job streams are currently available for the event:

2021 Winter NB Virtual Recruitment Food Production: Bakers, Operators, Processing and Labour Online SIGN UP
2021 Winter NB Virtual Recruitment Trades Sector Online SIGN UP
2021-2022 Winter NB Virtual Recruitment Forestry Sector Online SIGN UP


1- Bakers, Operators, Processing, and Labour

  • 6332 – Bakers
  • 6732 – Specialized cleaners
  • 9461 – Process control and machine operators, food and beverage processing
  • 9617 – Labourers in food and beverage processing

2- Trades Sector

  • 7271 – Carpenters
  • 7441 – Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • 9533 – Other wood products assemblers and inspectors

3- Forestry Sector

  • 7311 – Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  • 7312 – Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  • 8241 – Logging machinery operators
  • 9431 – Sawmill machine operators
  • 9437 – Woodworking machine operators

Because it’s difficult to organize a job fair in a pandemic situation, New Brunswick is hosting an online information session for provincial express entry. For those interested in living permanently in this Canadian province, job fairs, recruiting events, and immigration information sessions are frequently held.

All of these events will be virtualized. During the session, New Brunswick’s provincial employers will share information and possibilities with anyone interested in relocating to the province in the future. An invitation to the event will be extended only to those who have been chosen. Employers will undoubtedly be the final authority of choice.

The application procedure is straightforward, since any interested applicant with prior expertise in these fields may just complete out the application form and submit it.
The following are the key occupations covered in these informative sessions:

How to Apply for this event Online

There are four (4) pages in the registration form. Once you complete a page and click NEXT, you cannot go back and change any information previously entered. Before you click NEXT at the bottom of any page, be sure to review the page to ensure that all information entered is correct and all requested documents have been uploaded.

You will need .jpg or .pdf copies of the following documents organized and ready to be uploaded:

  1. The photo page of your current passport (required)
  2. Visa for your current country of legal residence (required if your current country of legal residence is not your country of citizenship)
  3. Your language test results (required if you have completed a language test)
  4. Your ECA report (required if you have completed an ECA assessment)
  5. Your CV (required)
  6. Your Spouse’s CV (optional) (if applicable)

You will receive an email verifying that we have received your information once you have registered. By registering, you acknowledge that there is NO GUARANTEE or IMPLIED EXPECTATION that you will be hired by a company in New Brunswick.

Please note: Only those selected for further screening will be contacted.


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