Which smartphone brand surprised you the most in 2022?

OnePlus 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus face up on purple table

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2022 had something for everyone in the smartphone landscape, ranging from innovative flagships (Sony Xperia 1 IV, Xiaomi 12S Ultra) and conservative upgrades (S22 Ultra, iPhone 14) to budget superstars (Redmi Note 11, Pixel 6a).

Now that we’re winding things down, we thought it would be a good idea to ask you about the smartphone brand that surprised you the most in 2022. Go ahead and make a selection below, and leave a comment if you’d like to explain your choice.

Which smartphone brand surprised you the most in 2022?

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We’re specifically talking about smartphone brands that surprised you in a good way, rather than companies that surprised you for all the wrong reasons. So don’t go choosing HTC for its embarrassing “metaverse phone” shenanigans.

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