Sanctuary’s new trailer is a twisted game of cat and mouse

After a tease yesterday, the first trailer for the dark comedy Sanctuary is here — and it looks appropriately twisted. The film made its debut at TIFF last year, and it stars Margaret Qualley (Death Stranding, The Leftovers) and Christopher Abbott (Girls, Possessor) and is the second feature from director Zachary Wigon. The new trailer is a back-and-forth game of power dynamics filled with safe words, hidden cameras, and some light betrayal.

Here’s the official premise:

In the wake of inheriting his father’s hotel chain, Hal (Abbott) attempts to end his long and secret relationship with Rebecca (Qualley). A battle of wills ensues over the course of one incredibly fraught night, with both Rebecca and Hal struggling to keep the upper hand as the power dynamics swing wildly back and forth.

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