Report: T-Mobile and Mint Mobile in acquisition talks

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  • A new report suggests T-Mobile and Mint Mobile might be in talks about an acquisition.
  • Mint already uses T-Mobile’s network, so this likely wouldn’t affect coverage too much.
  • Pricing, availability of plans, etc., could change if this deal happens.

Mint Mobile is an MVNO of T-Mobile. That means Mint operates independently but leases cell tower access from T-Mobile. This is why Mint can keep its prices so low but still get decent national coverage.

However, a new report from Bloomberg suggests T-Mobile and Mint Mobile might want to cozy up a little closer. The report alleges that T-Mobile is interested in possibly buying Mint. If this happens, Mint would join Metro PCS as a sub-brand — which T-Mobile bought and changed to Metro by T-Mobile.

Since Mint leases tower access from T-Mobile, this deal likely wouldn’t affect coverage for customers. However, the names, data caps, and rates of plans could change.

Actor Ryan Reynolds famously owns about a quarter of Mint Mobile. If this deal goes through, Reynolds would likely make hundreds of millions. It is unclear whether or not Reynolds would continue to act as the owner and spokesperson for Mint should T-Mobile buy Mint Mobile.

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