Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs in United Kingdom for foreigners


Looking for a Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs in United Kingdom? Here are some great options for foreigners!

Employment options are endless if you’re willing to travel outside of the United States in search of work, especially when it comes to picking vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. These jobs can be found throughout Europe, as well as in Australia and other parts of the world where these produce items are in high demand. If you’re interested in living abroad, or even making some extra cash on the side while remaining based within the borders of your home country, consider pursuing one of these Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs! Check out this list of available opportunities today!

Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs in United Kingdom
Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs in United Kingdom

Urgent! Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables & Fruits jobs in United KingdomJob details

Job Location United Kingdom
vacancies 170 M/F
Job type Full time
Salary £ 8.91/ hour
Shift Day, Morning
Start date as soon as possible
Period Of Employment 6 Monrhs


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Picker Of Mushrooms Vegetables And Fruits

The employer’s quota requires 170 men and women


  •  The work consists of collecting, growing in greenhouses and in the fields of berries, asparagus, fruits and vegetables, as well as packaging on tape in production warehouses on agricultural farms in Britain.
  •  Also, work for tractor and forklift drivers is possible.


  • Men, women, married couples aged 18-50 years (50+ is discussed individually with the employer);
  •  No refusals for a visa to England;
  •  Responsibility and endurance;

What do you get:

  •  Confirmed departure and work in the UK under an official program and contract “Visa type – Tier 5 seasonal work visa:’ The visa is valid for 6 months.
  •  The right to multi check-in for this period;
  •  100% guarantee of obtaining a visa for a passport within a specified period;
  •  Pay £ 8.91 per hour / net to account or check… Overtime hours are usually + 50%.1 GBP ~ 1.16 EUR
  •  Payment of wages weekly;
  •  Living and working conditions are controlled by a separate special body;
  •  Friends / families live together in the same caravan;
  •  Opportunity to get feedback from the English employer for further exits / immigration;
  •  Schedule5-6 days a week, 8-12 hours a day, depending on the weather, seasonality, etc. The hours are specified in the contract.
  •  Full medical insurance from the employer
  •  Free weekly grocery shopping trip
  •  Visa in passport in less than 2 months. In fact – about 1 month

How to apply

Apply On Recruiter Website

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