OnePlus tries to be hip, tweets from iPhone

OnePlus Logo on OnePlus 9 Pro

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  • OnePlus embarrassed itself on Twitter recently.
  • It made a comment to MKBHD regarding the YouTuber’s annual smartphone awards.
  • OnePlus’ tweet originated from an iPhone.

Every year, YouTuber MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) publishes his awards for the best smartphones of the year. This year, OnePlus won an award — although not the one it likely hoped for. It won the “Bust of the Year” award for the OnePlus 10T, which Brownlee said has a “pretty big delta between expectations and possibilities versus actual results.”

OnePlus’ social media team tried to seize this opportunity by tweeting at MKBHD. The tweet first asked how to pick up the award, and then said it will “prove you wrong” in 2023 with the upcoming OnePlus 11.

At first, MKBHD responded kindly with a simple “respect” and an offer to DM the company so he could, presumably, get the trophy sent out. However, not long after, Brownlee tweeted a screenshot showing that OnePlus’ original tweet came from an iPhone.

As time went on, other Twitter users chimed in with their own screenshots. OnePlus’ Twitter account has not responded to the thread since.

Either way, OnePlus set out to be cool with Marques Brownlee and ended up looking quite foolish.

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