Nothing could release its next wireless earbuds under a new brand

Nothing is reportedly preparing to release a pair of true wireless headphones under a new flanker brand. Digging through the company’s latest firmware, (via ) found evidence of an unreleased set of “Particles by XO” earbuds.

Particles by XO


Renders of the headphones showcase a unique design that’s reminiscent of a peanut or molecular chain. According to Wojciechowski, the earbuds include LHDC codec support and active noise cancelation. In other words, it looks like Nothing is preparing a product that has traits from both its and wireless buds. There are a few bits of evidence linking the earbuds to Nothing. To start, the company’s internal codename for them is “B154.” Nothing has reportedly used a similar codename, B155, for its upcoming Ear 2 headphones. On Saturday, the awarded a shell company called “The Most Unknown LLC” a trademark for “Particles by XO.”

As for why Nothing, a company with only three products to its name, would establish a new brand just to launch another pair of wireless earbuds, it’s probably another marketing scheme by the company’s founder, former OnePlus executive .

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