Microsoft brings its Bing AI chatbot to mobile apps and Skype

Since it started opening up its earlier this month, has granted more than a million people access to a preview of the tool, while millions more are on the waitlist. Until now, the only way to access the chatbot has been . But Microsoft is already to more products, services and devices.

Starting today, those with access to the chatbot through their Microsoft account can use it on the and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Tapping the Bing button at the bottom of the namesake mobile app will start a chat session. In the Edge mobile app, you can fire up the chatbot from the homepage.

On top of that, you can start using the chatbot in . Users can one-on-one or add it to a group chat. You might use the chatbot to help plan a trip and let everyone else see the suggestions at the same time, or settle a debate by asking it to clarify which movies an actor has appeared in over the last decade. It can translate information between more than 100 languages too.  

There’s also another way to use the chatbot. Microsoft has added voice control on both mobile and desktop. While it’s early days for the chatbot, it could finally spell the end for Cortana after years of the voice assistant into .

Microsoft notes that it could (and probably will) bring the chatbot to other apps, such as Teams,. However, it said that it’s , which has run into a after more people got their hands on it.

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