Leaked Galaxy S23 images reveal a few design changes

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Dummies Stacked Buttons


  • Images of Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus dummy units have appeared online.
  • The photos reveal a couple of design changes between the S23 and S22.
  • There were no photos taken of a Galaxy S23 Ultra dummy unit.

As we inch our way to the eventual launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23, details about the upcoming lineup have slipped through the cracks. So far, we’ve seen renders and some rumored specs, but nothing concrete. However, today’s leak gives us our best look at the Galaxy S23 yet.

Images of the base Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus have emerged online. The unsourced photos, posted to Slashleaks, show dummy units of the handsets, which are nonfunctional versions of the devices.

From the images, we can see that the Galaxy S23 and the S23 Plus may have slightly different designs compared to their counterparts from the S22 line. It seems like both phones may end up with a less curvy frame than the S22 family, opting for a more angular body with rounded corners.

Another notable difference is the layout of the camera sensors. Where the S22’s rear cameras were housed together within a casing, these images show the S23 with cameras that protrude from the back individually. This appears to sync up with the leaked renders we reported on earlier.

Similar to last year’s models, it looks like Samsung could once again choose to have the Plus variant look identical to the base phone. Based on the images, the only visually noticeable difference is the size of the S23 Plus.

Unlike the Galaxy S23 and S23 Pro, it appears that the Galaxy S23 Ultra may end up retaining the same form factor as the S22 Ultra. As a result, it looks distinctly different from its siblings.

Keep in mind, these are not official photos from Samsung. They are just leaks from an unspecified source. Until Samsung officially reveals its next handsets, we won’t fully know the actual design of the devices.

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