How to connect your Fitbit and Noom accounts

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To connect Fibit and Noom, open Noom, head to Settings > Apps & Devices > Connect Additional Devices. Select your Fitbit, login to your Fitbit account, and select your Fitbit as the Steps Data Source.


How to connect your Fitbit to your Noom account

Fitbit’s relationship with third-party services is problematic at best. We already know that while some popular services, like Strava and MyFitnessPal are supported, others, like Garmin Connect and Nike Run Club, are shunned. Noom finds itself in the middle. Fitbit doesn’t officially support syncing with the service, but Noom does let third-party services and devices sync some data to its servers. To this end, you can sync your Fitbit daily step totals to Noom. Here’s how to do it.

  1. In the Noom app, open the main Settings menu, and select Apps & Devices > Connect Additional Devices.
  2. Look for your Fitbit on the list then select Connect.
  1. Next, you’ll need to approve a list of the permissions necessary to link the two services. They are Profile, Fitbit devices and settings, and Activity and exercise. Select all three or tap Allow All to check all the boxes. When done, tap Allow.
  2. Finally, head back to Apps & Devices in the Noom app, tap Choose Steps Data Source, and select your Fitbit account.

Noom will now pull your steps data from Fitbit and sync it to its service. This may not happen immediately, though. Additionally, Noom will not pull data from earlier days into the service. Also, don’t expect Fitbit to grab any food or water consumption data from Noom. This process only sets up a one-way sync from Fitbit to Noom.

How do I remove Noom from my Fitbit account?

If you’re moving to another service or your Noom trial period is up, you may want to remove the service from your Fitbit account. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open your Fitbit dashboard on a computer
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select Settings > Applications
  4. Locate Noom and tap Revoke Access

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Fitbit and Noom problems and solutions

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There’s a good chance you’ll run into some issues connecting your Fitbit account to Noom. However, most have easy fixes. Here are some of the more common problems and solutions we’ve discovered.

  • Try reducing your screen font size if Noom doesn’t display Fitbit as a possible data source. This seems like a ludicrous fix, but some users in the Fitbit forums claim that this worked for them.
  • Should you find that Noom no longer garners step data from Fitbit daily, try removing your Fitbit account from Noom and reconnecting the two services. This is a common fix for most third-party services connected to Fitbit.
  • Try refreshing the Fitbit and Noom apps regularly. Do this by swiping down from the Fitbit Today tab. After this, open the Noom app and swipe down from the top of its home screen.


Fitbit does not officially support Noom but Noom does allow Fitbit users to sync their step data to the service.

Although the app regularly offers free trials, its payment plans are as customized as the personalized dieting service it provides. You will pay up to $59.99 monthly for the service, though.

While many users believe Noom truly does help them achieve their weight goals, it has limited integration with Fitbit. There are plenty of other services that offer better data sync options with Fitbit.

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