Google now lets you sign up for its Search and Workspace AI tests

Google just revealed some big AI-focused updates to Search and Workspace at Google I/O, and you can now sign up to test them on a dedicated Labs page. They’re a little ways down the page: scroll until you see “Learn More” buttons, and you can click on those to go to the pages that actually let you sign up for the tests.

Generative AI tools are all the rage right now, but they’ve also made some famously bad blunders. By letting users opt in to test these early products, Google can get feedback on the new tools by positioning them as “experiments” that may change and improve throughout development.

In addition to the Search and Workspace experiments, you can also sign up to test two other products. Project Tailwind is something that Google describes as an “AI-first notebook,” and in a video on the test’s website, you can see a brief preview of a reading quiz and buttons to generate “new ideas” and a summary of some kind. In an onstage demo at I/O, a Google executive showed how Tailwind took a document from Google Drive and pulled out key topics and suggested questions. The Labs page also lets you sign up to test MusicLM, which will let you type out an idea that Google’s AI Test Kitchen turns into music.

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