Giant Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra makes you look fabulous

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  • At CES 2023, we saw the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra.
  • This enormous webcam will keep you looking great for your next Twitch stream or Zoom call.
  • It starts at $300 and is available now.

Most people are pretty satisfied with the webcam that comes with their laptop. Some want an upgrade, so they’ll grab a basic 1080p cam for a few bucks. But what if you want to look absolutely incredible for your next Twitch stream?

Enter the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra, a new webcam introduced by the three-snake company at CES 2023. As its heavy-handed name suggests, this is a very high-end webcam that delivers unparalleled quality.

However, with all that power comes a bulky size. The webcam is about the size of a traditional DSLR lens and just about as heavy. Although you absolutely can attach this to a laptop display, get ready for a few snickers from those around you, as it will look quite ridiculous.

Still, the proof is in the pudding. Our time with the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra proved that it is quite formidable, and its high-resolution output — as well as its natural bokeh — makes this probably the best webcam available today.

You can buy this monster camera right now for $300 directly from Razer.

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