Fortnite now has a Bandcamp radio station

Here’s a full rundown of the artists and tracks landing on the Island:

The Beths: “The Great No One

Sunny indie rock from New Zealand, full of jangly guitars and rich harmonies.

Starflyer 59: “New Guitar

Infectious noise pop from a long-running California band with ’90s alternative rock roots.

This rising Philadelphia group pairs catchy pop-punk hooks with raw, relatable lyrics.

Pow Wow!: “Don’t Stop to Look

Combining disco, rock, and soul, these New Yorkers’ sound was built for the dancefloor.

Ronnie Martin: “Sing Among the Breaches

Veteran producer Ronnie Martin channels the best of ’80s synthwave into a neon-lit stunner. 

Psychedelic textures, swooping vocals, industrial drums, saxophones, hand-claps: these Brooklynites are a lot, in the best possible way.

This Los Angeles “post-disco” duo put a shadowy spin on synth-pop that’s a little goth, a little punk, and entirely awesome.

Pale Blue Eyes: “TV Flicker

Pillow-soft grooves and coasting rhythms, built around one of the most infectious, alien synth lines of recent memory.

Pool Kids: “That’s Physics, Baby

Infusing emo with elements of math rock, prog, indie, and even jazz, these Florida up-and-comers stand poised for greatness.

Jungle Rat USA:  “Love One Another

Initially released in 1971 and shrouded in mystery until last year, this funky gem from Panama is a prime example of “souldies” (aka soul combined with R&B).

Ginger Root: “Loretta

Inspired by Japan’s “city pop” movement of the ’70s and ’80s, Ginger Root describes his music as “aggressive elevator soul”: in-your-face, but also impossibly smooth.

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