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🎁 Happy Friday, everyone! Christmas is just over a week away (if you celebrate), and we still only have two presents under the tree. Time to get wrapping!

Chrome OS in 2022

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Chrome OS has been around in some form or another for more than a decade now, but if you aren’t a student it’s entirely possible that it’s fallen off of your radar. However, a recent post by my colleague Rita El Khoury highlights why 2022 was the year she fell back in love with her Pixelbook and Chrome OS, and she makes a convincing argument to revisit the platform.

  • I highly recommend you read the whole piece, but here’s a little tl;dr.
  • Rita first started using Chromebooks in 2015, and eventually picked up a discounted Google Pixelbook in 2017.
  • (Sidenote, I’m hugely disappointed that the Pixelbook team was disbanded this year. But that’s neither here nor there.)
  • Five years later, it’s still her only laptop, but she found herself using it less and less.
  • This year, she realized her laptop wasn’t updating for whatever reason, and once fixed, she received a flood of new features.
  • For her, it was like a new laptop. Chrome OS has become way more powerful than she realized, and now she’s back on the Chrome OS hype train.

So what are those new features? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Chrome OS and Android phones are now tightly integrated, with the Phone Hub feature showing recent pictures, mobile Chrome tabs, and more on your Chromebook screen. You can even use it to quickly set up a hotspot without touching your phone.
  • Productivity tools like a built-in PDF editor and enhanced screen captures (including video and audio recordings) are also helpful features if you use your Chromebook for work.
  • Due to the rise of Chromebook tablets, Chrome OS has become much more finger-friendly. Thumbnails and toggles are much larger, and gestures offer quick shortcuts.
  • Likewise for stylus support. Preloaded apps like Canvas and Cursive allow you to draw, take notes, and more using any supported stylus.
  • There’s also a clipboard manager that remembers the last five items you copied for easy pasting. I wish this feature were baked into Windows and macOS too!
  • A new dark mode, better Android app support, and the ability to install Linux or Steam games are a few other new features worth mentioning.

Ready to revisit Chrome OS? Check out our picks for the best Chromebooks and Chromebook tablets, as well as our extensive guide to Chromebooks and their capabilities.

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Friday fun

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