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VLC now runs natively on M1 Macs

The latest update to ubiquitous open-source media player VLC is here, and it comes with native support for Apple silicon Mac computers...

Acer’s new education Chromebooks include durable designs and Arm-based processors

Acer is announcing five new laptops aimed at schools today, consisting of four Chromebooks and one Windows convertible. Two of the Chromebooks...

2020 Game is a surprisingly fun side scroller about an awful year

I get it, there’s absolutely no part of you that wants to relive the terrible year we just lived through. But I...

Capitol rioter planned to sell Nancy Pelosi’s laptop to Russian spies, witness told FBI

A capitol rioter may have stolen Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop with plans to sell it to the Russian government, according to an...

Telegram says it ‘shut down hundreds of public calls for violence’ in US last week

Amid rising political tensions in the United States, Telegram founder Pavel Durov says his chat service has taken down hundreds of public...