A Horizon multiplayer game is on the way

A and won’t be the last we see of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon universe. The studio has at least two more games in the works for the PlayStation franchise, including a multiplayer title.

Guerrilla made the announcement in . Along with working on more “epic solo adventures for Aloy,” the star of the first two games, the studio has set up a separate team to create an “online project set in Horizon’s universe.” It added that the latter will feature new characters and a “unique stylized look,” as well as the fact friends will be able to play together — which suggests there will be a focus on co-op.

Rumors had been swirling since last year that Guerrilla was , and the studio has now confirmed that’s the case. Sony is placing a . It’s planning to release 10 of them by March 2026, including . However, it’s unclear how the online Horizon game fits into that strategy as yet.

Along with the three upcoming games and the Forbidden West DLC, there’s even more to come from the series. A Horizon TV show is . is that there’s a and a for PS5 in the pipeline as well.

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