100+ Factory Worker jobs in Canada 100+ Factory Worker jobs in Canada

100+ Factory Worker jobs in Canada – Apply Now

Factory Workers Wanted in Canada| New Opportunities for Manufacturing Jobs: Are you looking for Factory Jobs in Canada? If so, you are not alone. In fact, there is a high demand for skilled manufacturing workers across Canada and around the world. According to statistics available from February 2017, job postings in manufacturing were up 18% over 2016 figures and 43% over 2015 figures. This means that there is opportunity to take advantage of by learning how to become a factory worker. Employers need workers who can build products quickly and accurately which is why they seek out candidates with an aptitude towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields of study. That being said; if you are not interested in engineering or other tech-related degrees but still want to get involved with production work then it might be possible for you to land one of these jobs. If so, this article will assist you in locating firms in Canada that are recruiting manufacturing workers. Many opportunities exist with these companies and they offer competitive pay and benefits to their employees as well as specialized training, if necessary. To find out more about these jobs and the requirements, read on!

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100+ Factory Worker jobs in Canada
100+ Factory Worker jobs in Canada

Factory Jobs in Canada (53+ Vacancies) – Apply Now

The most recent job openings in JobBank Canada are shown below. In Canada, the majority of industrial and manufacturing firms hire factory employees and assistance. We have over 100 manufacturing worker positions in Canada that you can apply for below:

General labourer - manufacturing Creative Path Digital Imaging Inc.Richmond Hill (ON)$16.50 to $22.50 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Cleaner, plantTHE OLD PATH GARDEN HOUSEWarburg (AB)$16.00 hourly
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturingSaint-Narcisse (QC)Saint-Narcisse (QC)$17.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturing 1708702 Ontario IncMississauga (ON)$16.00 hourly
Apply Now
Factory maintenance man/womanLes Industries Bonneville LtéeBeloeil (QC)$17.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturing Expansion Enterprises (Canada) Inc.Toronto (ON)$16.50 to $22.50 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Factory labourer - manufacturingThermafix A.J. incBaie-Saint-Paul (QC)$20.00 hourly
Apply Now
Furniture manufacturing labourer Groupe Cabico Inc.Coaticook (QC)$20.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, shipyardTechnichrome Industries Ltd.Acheson (AB)$19.50 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingAccusteel Inc.Acheson (AB)$17.00 to $20.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturing STARLINE WINDOWS LTDSurrey (BC)$16.39 to $18.14 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturing WESTERN FEATHER AND DOWN (2017) LTD.Surrey (BC)$16.50 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturing Century Twenty-One Gas & Heating Co. Ltd.Surrey (BC)$22.50 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, electrical products manufacturing2450419 Ontario IncNorth York (ON)$15.60 hourly
Apply Now
Assembly line general labourer Employment Professionals Canada, Inc.St. Catharines (ON)$17.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingB C New Style Kitchen Cabinets IncSurrey (BC)$26.50 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorter Fort Saskatchewan Bottle DepotFort Saskatchewan (AB)$19.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingSun Gro Horticulture Canada Ltd. Vilna plantVilna (AB)$20.00 hourly
Apply Now
Factory helper A-Z Foam LtdDelta (BC)$17.20 hourly
Apply Now
Factory labourer - manufacturing Supreme Wire Products Ltd.Brampton (ON)$17.00 hourly
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturing Bethel Windows and DoorsCoaldale (AB)$18.10 hourly
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturing R. Tessier & Fils Inc.Saint-Narcisse (QC) $14.25 to $18.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Packager - manufacturingRestauration Pierre-Lacroix Inc.Boisbriand (QC)$19.00 to $22.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Box packer 12842874 Canada Inc.Richmond (BC)$16.00 to $22.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturing Sun Gro Horticulture Canada Ltd. Vilna plantVilna (AB)$20.00 hourly
Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturing AceTronic Industrial Controls INCMississauga (ON)$24.50 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorterMetrotown Bottle Return-It CentreBurnaby (BC)$16.50 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturingAIRDRIE TRAILER SALES LTD.Rocky View (AB)$18.75 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingDitech TestingScoudouc (NB)$16.00 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturingSAN INDUSTRIES LTD. Port Alberni (BC)$25.50 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorterTow Hills Bottle DepotTwo Hills (AB)$20.15 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturing Les Peintures CaméléonSaint-Apollinaire (QC)$14.25 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorter 688367 alberta limitedBeaumont (AB)$19.00 hourlyApply Now
Crater, furnitureARMOIRES DE CUISINE MILMONDE INC.Notre-Dame-des-Pins (QC)$17.00 hourly
Apply Now
Labourer, shipyard Technichrome Industries IncAcheson (AB)$19.50 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturing MIKON MACHINERY GROUP INC.Concord (ON)$17.00 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorterJ & C Bottle DepotPenticton (BC)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Bottle sorterMONEYBACK CONTAINER SHACKCalgary (AB)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Labourer - packaging company Freshline Foods Ltd.Mississauga (ON) $15.50 hourlyApply Now
Assembly line general labourerPenn-truss Mfg. Inc.Saltcoats (SK)$19.48 to $21.00 hourly (to be negotiated)
Apply Now
Furniture manufacturing labourerELMWOOD FINE CUSTOM CABINETRYSt. Catharines (ON)$17.75 hourlyApply Now
Labourer, factory - manufacturingNuAge Foam Inc.Delta (BC)$26.50 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturingALER FOREST PRODUCTS LTD.Surrey (BC)$26.50 hourlyApply Now
Factory labourer - manufacturingBoisclair et fils IncMirabel (QC)$22.00 hourlyApply Now
Helper, upholstery Leather Living Furniture inc.Mississauga (ON)$18.00 to $26.06 hourly (to be negotiated)Apply Now
General labourer - manufacturingAceTronic Industrial Controls INCMississauga (ON)$18.00 hourlyApply Now
Factory labourer - manufacturing Supreme Wire Products Ltd.Brampton (ON)$26.25 hourlyApply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingValley Acrylic Bath Ltd.Mission (BC)$16.50 hourlyApply Now
General labourer - manufacturingSUPER CUT LUMBER INDUSTRIES LTD.Various locations$26.50 hourlyApply Now
Labourer, general - manufacturingA-1 Trusses Ltd.Surrey (BC)$26.50 hourlyApply Now
Bindery machine feeder - printingMarquis imprimeur inc.Scarborough (ON)Apply Now
Factory helper Accurate Aluminum Ltd.Burnaby (BC)$17.10 hourlyApply Now
Press paper feeder - printingMarquis imprimeur inc.Montmagny (QC)$16.87 to $18.87 hourly (to be negotiated)Apply Now
Furniture manufacturing labourerNatart Juvenile IncPrinceville (QC)$16.00 hourlyApply Now

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What are the types of factory worker?

Not all manufacturing jobs are alike. Depending on your skills, your background and where you’re located, different factories will have different types of positions available. For example, an auto factory might be looking to hire millwrights or welders while a pharmaceutical company might be looking for a chemist. Many larger companies have unique job openings that will require specific training and education to qualify. As with any factory worker opportunity, it’s important to read job postings carefully and pay attention to what specific position is being recruited. You don’t want to waste time applying for a position that requires experience or skills you don’t have!

Why go for factory jobs?

If you have prior experience, moving into a factory job will be easier and faster. This also makes it easier to land a factory job as employers are more willing to hire those with prior experience. Because of these factors, starting at a factory job is often a smart way to get your foot in the door. With strong qualifications and good communication skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an integral part of any workforce. Even if you don’t have any prior experience in manufacturing jobs, there are many routes you can take that will lead you down your path to success!

How to prepare yourself?

If you’re planning to take a job offer as a factory worker, you will likely have to move. Before starting your new job, be sure to spend some time familiarizing yourself with your new community and finding ways to make yourself feel at home. Check out local news outlets and find out about local events and activities; talk with other people living in your area. Also consider getting a membership at a gym or health club so that you can work on any areas of fitness that might be lacking prior to starting your job. By working hard and keeping fit, you’ll help ensure that you hit the ground running when it comes time for training!

Working hours 

Most factory jobs in Ontario and British Columbia require you to work Monday to Friday. However, some factories have rotating shifts and weekends can be included. There are many jobs available that will not require more than 40 hours per week and workers are usually on-call so if there is a problem with production it can mean you will be called into work without notice. Therefore, any commitments outside of your job may need to be flexible or downgraded as there is no guarantee when you will be required at work. Those who are looking for factory jobs near their home should try not to relocate too far from their family as life can become quite difficult when travelling long distances for work every day.

Work Permits & Visas

Working in Canada often requires a visa or work permit, which is a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that allows you to work legally. To find out whether you need a work permit or visa, consult our guide on Canadian visas & permits. The process of getting one can be confusing, but it’s crucial that you know whether you need one before starting your job search. If you don’t already have one—or aren’t sure if you do—then contact your future employer and/or apply for one well ahead of time so there are no delays when it comes to starting your new job.

How much do a factory worker earn in Canada?

The average hourly wage of a factory worker is $21.09 an hour or $45,120 annually. The average annual salary of a manufacturing plant employee is $46,780 ($21.38 per hour). In 2008, factory workers earned an average of approximately $816 per week, or about $41,000 a year. Production workers who worked full-time during 2008 typically received about 1 week paid vacation plus 10 paid holidays and had to work about 42 hours per week to receive health insurance benefits from their employers.

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